On St Patricks Day ASI organized 5 installers and a handful of solar investors, aggregators and

Mike Newman, VP at PASEIA and sales guru at ASI; Maureen Mulligan, Lobbyist at PASEIA

customers in a meeting with Senator Llyod Smucker.  The meeting was simply an initial step in what will need to be a committed discussion about what to do in regards to declining SREC pricing.  As many of you know, the market is over saturated with solar installations and the requirements placed on utilities to have a certain amount of solar feeding the grid is easily met.  Why would they pay high prices for something they don’t need.

Our time was spent having an initial meeting in the cafeteria in the State House to make sure that we were all prepared for the meeting.  In many ways I think that meeting was just as important as our meeting with Smucker because it allowed us to hear from  Maureen Mulligan, the paid lobbyist from PASEIA (PA Solar Energy Industries Association).  Without going into too much detail on this public forum knowing that we don’t want to reveal our plans, I’ll just say that I’m pleased with what we heard.  There were a bunch of head nods and agreement that we shouldn’t ask for too much and will view PASEIA as a driving force to get behind.  The actual meeting with Smucker was also a good time to share our side of the matter and he heard us.

Our customers should expect an email correspondence in the next couple of days about how to proceed.  Yes, calling their legislators is important and their phones should be ringing, but our next step is to provide solutions that customers can propose and really create some momentum.  I’m hopeful that we are doing our due diligence to be strategic and not simply going in with guns and lawyers to make something happen; compromises are inevitably how things work in politics.

On a side note, a machine needs oil and fuel, so supporting PASEIA in whatever way you can will certainly help our efforts.  I will be looking to help build their individual membership option since they only have membership open to installers.  If you have thoughts on this matter, email me directly chris@advancedsolarindustries.com

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