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How’s this for monitoring?

Check out what Foxchase Golf Club is using to show their customers what their 303 kW system is producing. We installed their system in the summer/fall of 2010 and it completely powers their golf course. It was the first PA … Read more

Looks like tinfoil and saves you money

I stopped by the home of a customer of ours yesterday and he has started a business that I thought was pretty cool. Basically you lay the tin foil like material over the top of your attic insulation and staple … Read more


We have decided to initiate a remodel of our office space. We had a couple of reasons for making this change: 1. We wanted the sales guys to be down here with the rest of us. 2. We needed a … Read more

PPL Customers

Just a quick word to our PPL customers… PPL has done a nice job of creating an online archive of your power usage for your home or business.  For solar customers, this is a great tool for looking back at … Read more

Bike Season

If anybody has poked their heads out of their houses recently, it’s warm. Maybe a bit unseasonably warm, but still a good thing after all the snow we got recently. I know that I’m going to start riding to work … Read more


I stopped by Landis Burkholder’s house and saw that he put up his Sunpower sticker sent to him in the mail!

Flipping the Switch

Flipping the Switch If you’re reading this, then you’re interested. I know you are. The fate of our future doesnot lie in stagnant innovation, stale energy practices, nor public mediocrity. You dutifully raise your fist in support next to us … Read more

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