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Obama: Push Renewables with Compromise

President Obama gave a speech at Georgetown University yesterday about his energy plans. He spoke about a variety of topics including oil drilling, natural gas exploration, electric vehicles, biofuels and solar. I could be a die hard solar extremist and … Read more

March Newsletter

We’d love you to read our March Newsletter. It was unintentional to have so many stories dealing with change, but that’s sort of developed into the theme for the current issue. We’ve seen a lot of opportunities for our company … Read more

2011 PV America

If you’re looking to learn more about solar at one of the premier solar shows, it’s in your backyard this year at 2011 PV America. April 3-5    

Salinee Tavaranan: Micro-Energy

Solar can save lives and Salinee Tavaranan of Border Green Energy Team brings light to the darkest regions of the world. Keeping a refrigerator running so that the polio vaccines don’t expire would be a simple and yet profound solution … Read more

Back to School for a Day

Last friday I had the privilege to teach a group of honors level high school seniors about solar.  The opportunity came up through a customer of ours who teaches at ELCO and said that a fellow physics colleague of his … Read more

Movement in the Capital

On St Patricks Day ASI organized 5 installers and a handful of solar investors, aggregators and customers in a meeting with Senator Llyod Smucker.  The meeting was simply an initial step in what will need to be a committed discussion … Read more

U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon

U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon Home Page. This is something to keep on your radar for Fall 2011 (dates TBD).  Every other year a Solar Decathlon is held where top notch colleges and universities from around the world compete … Read more

Solar Energy Technologies Program Newsletter: DOE to Invest up to $27 Million to Support Solar Research

Think of it like the Moon Shot initiative set forth by Kennedy when America was racing to the moon. Steven Chu, Secretary of Energy, has created the Sun Shot program as a way to incentivize and fund research into the … Read more

Advocating for Solar at the State House

We are organizing a meeting with Senator Smucker along with 7 other local solar installation companies and a sprinkling of customers and aggregators (brokers of the SREC’s).  As a unit, we will meet in Harrisburg on March 17th to educate … Read more

He’s electric

I’m amazed to see more and more what our customers are doing and how they inspire me.  I visited Kim recently and he showed me his Toyota Prius converted to run on full electric.  On the back bumper, he has … Read more

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