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Solar Myth Busters: Installation 3

As I debated how to couch the comment that “I don’t need to worry about my electricity in the future”, I wanted to address the reality that our country’s power generation plants are old and face retirement. When things get … Read more

Solar Myth Busters: Installation 2

Our ongoing series of addressing many of the myths out there about solar continues. This week we are going to address the comment that “All Panels Are The Same.” Solar panels are simple in how they function, but that doesn’t … Read more

Solar Myth Busters: Installation 1

Our goal is to preach the simplicity of solar to the masses. It isn’t about us dumbing it down or simplifying how the complex technology works, the whole thing is actually simple to begin with. Over the next couple of … Read more

ASI Partners with Messiah College: Haiti Solar Project

If you’ve been following ASI for about a year, you’ve known that we have been in the process of planning a solar project in Haiti on a newly built school. After a successful bike event in the fall (Ride Solar), … Read more

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