commercial installWe welcome the new year and are excited to continue serving Southern Pennsylvania, and Maryland as a premier Solar Power System Designer and Installer.  As a help to those who may be considering a PV Solar Array in 2016 we want to share the following “insider information”.  The price of solar panels, the biggest material cost in a system, should be very attractive in 2016.  Why?

Up until December of last year, the future of the 30% Federal Tax Credit for Solar Power installations was very uncertain.  As a result, the industry sensed that 2016 would see people rushing rapidly to get a system before time and credits ran out.  So, solar panel manufacturers went into high production expecting 2016 to be a HUGE year for Solar Projects.  Well the Tax Credit has been extended, so there is not quite the rush – but manufacturers are a bit overstocked and prices for panels will trend lower rather nicely in 2016.

Barry Cinnamon, Founder of Cinnamon Solar, offered his annual predictions for solar power for GTM Research. In it, he reaffirmed that solar would be impacted in 2016 because of the Tax Credit extension. “With slightly higher supply and lower demand levels in 2016, we can expect continued module price reductions,” he explained.

What does this mean for you? There is a win-win situation right now in Solar Power being offered to consumers.  Material costs are low due to overstock, and you will start saving immediately on your electric bill.  Pay less, save more – a good combination! There has never been a better time to invest in your future and control your utility costs.

ASI continues into 2016 with our values at the forefront – Family, Integrity, Relationships, Reputation, Work Ethic, and Innovation.   We would appreciate the opportunity to serve you in the process of investigating the incredible benefits of Solar Power at your home or business! And many thanks to our excellent customers and friends.