We often receive thank you notes from customers who are very appreciative of the work have done for them, but rarely do we receive one as long as this. I thought it would be worth putting it up there because it shows the care and consideration that our crews show for our customers.
Dear ASI,
I just had to write to you and let you know how wonderful your installation guys are. I have never dealt with a set of outside contractors that were more professional and conscientious. I really appreciated their attention to detail, cheerful attitudes, and willingness to answer every question I asked.
When Henry came to do the initial placement of the solar panels, I expressed my concern about a Viburnum bush that my son had gotten me for Mother’s day twenty years ago. The bush was a mere ten feet from the proposed site of the solar panels and in the direct path for the electrical line from the panel to the house. Henry promised me the bush would be untouched. From past experiences with men on heavy equipment, I had my doubts so I hung a sign on the bush as a reminder to leave the bush untouched. I have to admit that I had little faith that the sign would make a difference. I truly believed the bush would be damaged if not totally removed. I was wrong. The bush was untouched. The man who trenched the line made a curve around the shrub so neither the shrub or the roots of the shrubs were injured. A second bush that was not quite as important sentimentally was also in the vicinity of the work area. When the cement truck backed into the lawn, Henry guided him around this pussy willow which remained untouched. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the care the crew took to avoid damaging these two bushes.
If the crew was working when I arrived home, I always checked on the work they were doing. Every time I walked to the site, they greeted me, explained what they were doing, and invited me to stay and watch the process. I never saw anyone roll their eyes or give any indication that my inquiries were annoying or stupid. Even when things were not going well, I never heard anyone swear or even raise his voice. In fact, I noticed that each of these guys was proud of the job he did and spoke highly of ASI.
I was also amazed and pleased at how conscientious they were at clean up. It is important to mention that this installation occurred during the rainiest April in years, which means there was mud everywhere. When the guys came into the basement to do the panel, they put on those white paper booties to avoid tracking mud into the basement. At the end of the day, Dusty, who had neglected to put on the booties, returned to the basement with a dustpan and brush to clean up the mud that he had tracked into an unfinished basement. In the past I’ve had workmen who left trash for me to clean up, so I would not have thought twice about sweeping up some dried mud.
Another example of the care taken is the restoration of the yard. I have horrible soil, so when the trench was dug many small rocks that were too big to be mown over, were laying on the top layer of the trench. The crew kept telling me that the earth would pack down over time, but I knew those rocks would need to be picked up. One day, I came home from work to find that the dirt was graded, the rocks were gone, and grass seed was planted. I was amazed.
I almost forgot to mention my wash line. Since the wash line was on the trench line, the crew took the wires down to avoid breaking them with the bobcat. Not only did the crew remember to restring the wires, they tightened them so that the lines are better than they have been in years.
Bottom line is that I would highly recommend ASI to anyone considering getting solar panels. Your crew is fantastic and I hope you appreciate how they represent your company. If you have potential clients who want referrals, feel free to use me as a reference. I could not be happier with the service provided.