Let's change the solar industry. Vote yes for #1580.

This past Tuesday (10/25) myself, Otis Moore and Dave Miller went to Harrisburg to attend another rally for Bill 1580. Penn Futures is a campaign machine and they had representatives directing all of us to different meetings. There were roughly 100 people at the event- all meeting with Representatives and Senators.

I heard from a representative at Vote Solar that there are 107 co-signers on the bill- which is over 50% of the members in the House of Representatives signing on. Even though a “co-sign” doesn’t guarantee a vote, it is very encouraging. Also, the bill has been moved to the Consumer Affairs Committee, which without going into too much detail, is a very good thing.

What I noticed was that the majority of attendees were installers. I really wish that we had more support from our customers because they have a larger voice in the matter. Yes, we are the industry, but we also can be perceived to have a conflict of interest because the livelihood of our company is affected by this bill. Customers are real, to the core voters who are the “little guys” that seem to have the best story in the eyes of legislators. At the same time, if companies are adversely affected by this bill passing, it could mean a loss of jobs and/or companies moving out of state, so installers still have a powerful voice. The more our customers can help create an influx of calls and letters, the better off we will be. We really need this win.

Please stay tuned and I appreciate all of the help that many of you have already given!

Let's give the solar industry a boost.