Sign That Greets You At The Entrance

Sign That Greets You At The Entrance

We recently completed an installation for Farmer Jon Weinrich. Jon already has a few racks of panels on the ground at his property – and decided to increase his production. Last week I had the chance to sit down with Farmer John for a complete evaluation of his experience. Here are a few excerpts:

ASI: “What originally motivated you to consider purchasing more panels?”
Farmer Jon: “My original system has produced above expectations and I wanted to increase my solar and get an even better payback.”

ASI: “Why did you choose ASI?
Farmer Jon: “They installed my original systems and did a great job of install and have stayed in continual contact with me.

ASI: “How would you rate your experience this time around?
Farmer John: “From the time I contacted the office, to this appointment, everything has been handled in a timely and professional manner. Questions were answered in a timely manner, all of the possible options were discussed, my return on investment was clearly spelled out, the installers were informative and courteous – I really felt I was in the drivers seat all the way.

ASI: “Any regrets or negatives?
Farmer Jon: “Just one – I am maxed out and cannot install any more solar.

ASI: “What words do you have for those considering a PV Solar Array?
Farmer Jon: “Without hesitation I would recommend ASI”!