If anybody has poked their heads out of their houses recently, it’s warm. Maybe a bit unseasonably warm, but still a good thing after all the snow we got recently. I know that I’m going to start riding to work a lot more. It’s good for me, good for the environment and good for my bike shop now that I’ll need some new tires that look a bit too worn. We implemented a bike incentive program at ASI for people to get some money towards biking gear if they ride to work. Nothing too formal, but a nice option for those of us who could use a new helmet…or new tires.

I know that Jim Westwood is planning on riding more this spring as are Joel Saint (Sales Manager) and Josh Mitten (CEO). I’m sure we have a few others out there who will jump in, but for now it’s exciting to see the snowbanks receding and temperatures rising!

Also, stay tuned for Ride Solar on September 17th. More details to come!