Do you remember those car phones that we had about fifteen or twenty years ago?  You know, the one with the little antenna that would mount on the outside of your car?  Ahh, how the days of mobile technology have come so far.  But the cell phone industry faced a difficult roadblock well before every little boy and girl had their own iTunes account and downloaded every version of Angry Birds that they could.  While they were convenient and it made sense to own one for many on-the-go families, those units were expensive and what seemed like a gateway to the future ended up flopping.

Marketing gurus in the industry knew that they had to reinvent a way to get the phones in the hands of the masses, and what they came up with is simple: give the customer a phone for free, and create a monthly payment plan where they pay for the service to use the phone.   No more large up front costs, just a fee to maintain your partnership.  And so the cell phone industry was born and continues to grow exponentially.

Solar is on a similar path.  Yes, the price of silicone has dropped and for a variety of reasons relating to supply and demand phenomenon, so purchasing a solar system today could be 50% less than what it was three years ago.  Just look around on your drive to work or the gym, and you’ll see that everybody from farmers, to dentists, to the average home owner have all bought their own solar system to off set their electric, take control of their energy future and make a statement that they can do their part to help the environment.

Now, solar has proven to be cost prohibitive for many, and that is why Advanced Solar Industries has partnered with NRG Energy to create a solar lease model.  It’s called Bright Switch, and basically allows homeowners to put solar on their homes for as little as $0 down, and with their electric reduced, and the addition of a monthly lease payment, many are experiencing monthly savings immediately.  As a bonus, the gift just keeps on giving because as electric rates rise, you have fixed your costs for the term of the lease, which could be around 20 years.

Bright Switch has many upfront payment options to go solar.

The car phone industry set a tone that new technology doesn’t have to exist with only a select group of people.  Now solar is doing the same thing, and if you’ve got a great location for some solar panels, you should check out Bright Switch so that you can Switch For Good!