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Who is on the Consumer Affairs Committee

In light of a less than receptive hearing for HB 1580, we are urging our constituents to look at the list of those serving on the PA Consumer Affairs Committee. A voting date has yet to be determined, so in … Read more

Vote Solar

Pete Olmstead from Vote Solar has a great informative site on the SREC situation in PA as well as information on Bill 1580. I had the opportunity to meet him in April when a small group of us went around … Read more

Vote Yes: House Bill 1580

House Bill 1580 will help the PA SREC market. For those of you just signing into the solar industry, basically our market was flooded with solar and the utility companies didn’t need to purchase as many SRECs from our customers. … Read more

New Solar Legislation: Bill 1580

Senator Chris Ross (R) has drafted new legislation that would offer a short term solution to the dip in the Pennsylvania SREC market. With an oversupply of solar in the state, new legislation needed to be drafted that would mirror … Read more

Obama: Push Renewables with Compromise

President Obama gave a speech at Georgetown University yesterday about his energy plans. He spoke about a variety of topics including oil drilling, natural gas exploration, electric vehicles, biofuels and solar. I could be a die hard solar extremist and … Read more

Movement in the Capital

On St Patricks Day ASI organized 5 installers and a handful of solar investors, aggregators and customers in a meeting with Senator Llyod Smucker.  The meeting was simply an initial step in what will need to be a committed discussion … Read more

Solar Energy Technologies Program Newsletter: DOE to Invest up to $27 Million to Support Solar Research

Think of it like the Moon Shot initiative set forth by Kennedy when America was racing to the moon. Steven Chu, Secretary of Energy, has created the Sun Shot program as a way to incentivize and fund research into the … Read more

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