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Who is on the Consumer Affairs Committee

In light of a less than receptive hearing for HB 1580, we are urging our constituents to look at the list of those serving on the PA Consumer Affairs Committee. A voting date has yet to be determined, so in … Read more

FRE Meeting a Success

Last night I went to Chambersburg to attend the first Franklin Renewable Energy Association (FRE) meeting. Wayne Mackey explained that the name of the group didn’t have to do with them being based out of Franklin County, but rather that … Read more

Renewable energy group to hold first meeting – Chambersburg Public Opinion

  Renewable energy group to hold first meeting – Chambersburg Public Opinion. Wayne Mackey and energy enthusiasts are starting a group, Franklin Renewable Energy, that will promote renewable energy with education, advocacy and also by eventually holding a tour of … Read more

Fox 43 Coverage of Auntie Anne’s Pretzel/Shadow Lawn

Fox 43 came out and interviewed us about the recent 922 kW solar project completed by local pretzel favorite, Auntie Anne’s. I’m really not one for being on camera, but I think that they did a nice job of getting … Read more

Auntie Anne’s Pretzls

We are starting our largest job yet for Auntie Anne’s Pretzls: 1 MW. Here are the photos of the first of many shipments of over 3000 panels. Big props to our guys for enduring the heat out there up on … Read more

The sun was shining for “Customer Appreciation Golf Outing/BBQ”

We were very fortunate to have such a beautiful day at Foxchase Golf Club for our golf outing and BBQ. No bugs, full sun, comfortable temps and good people. We have about 50 people show up to play golf and … Read more

Customer Appreciation Golf Outing

On Saturday May 21st we are holding our first customer appreciation golf outing at Foxchase Golf Club in Stevens, PA. ASI installed a 303 kW solar farm at Foxchase during the summer of 2010 and the system as all but … Read more

Dogs, Pool Water and Solar

One of our customers is a big fan of animals; in fact, she has three dogs and a handful of cats who pretty much get the royal treatment- especially the dogs. During the summer, the dogs take over the swimming … Read more

Green Group Tour @ Foxchase

A group of like minded business people gather frequently to tour different renewable installations in the Lancaster County area. The Lancaster County Center for Excellence in Renewable Energy puts on the Green Group Tours and last week they came to … Read more

Good Customers

We often receive thank you notes from customers who are very appreciative of the work have done for them, but rarely do we receive one as long as this. I thought it would be worth putting it up there because … Read more

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