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New Solar Legislation: Bill 1580

Senator Chris Ross (R) has drafted new legislation that would offer a short term solution to the dip in the Pennsylvania SREC market. With an oversupply of solar in the state, new legislation needed to be drafted that would mirror … Read more

Obama: Push Renewables with Compromise

President Obama gave a speech at Georgetown University yesterday about his energy plans. He spoke about a variety of topics including oil drilling, natural gas exploration, electric vehicles, biofuels and solar. I could be a die hard solar extremist and … Read more

Movement in the Capital

On St Patricks Day ASI organized 5 installers and a handful of solar investors, aggregators and customers in a meeting with Senator Llyod Smucker.  The meeting was simply an initial step in what will need to be a committed discussion … Read more

Advocating for Solar at the State House

We are organizing a meeting with Senator Smucker along with 7 other local solar installation companies and a sprinkling of customers and aggregators (brokers of the SREC’s).  As a unit, we will meet in Harrisburg on March 17th to educate … Read more

PPL Customers

Just a quick word to our PPL customers… PPL has done a nice job of creating an online archive of your power usage for your home or business.  For solar customers, this is a great tool for looking back at … Read more

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