Time is Running Out - Solar 2016As 2015 comes to a close and 2016 is on the doorstep, there is a big stir going on in the solar power energy community.   Why all the fuss? There is a very real possibility that the existing 30% Federal Tax Credit will go away as of December 31, 2016.   This means that those that are considering a solar array installation have only until about September of next year, at the latest, to sign an agreement to purchase a solar PV array system.

Since this change to the Tax Credit will be nationwide and will effect home and business (it is likely that there will still be a 10% TC for commercial installations), it is expected that there will be a big swell in demand for solar installations in 2016 as people try to get the tax credit while they can.  With that increase in demand will come a demand for more solar panels and related components – so much so that a shortage of panels is already being predicted for especially towards fall of 2016.

So…here is our advice to anyone considering having a solar array installed in 2016.  Sign a contract early in 2016 before the crunch kicks into high gear and the lines get too long.  By ordering early in the year you will be more certain of getting your array installed and getting the full 30% tax credit towards your Federal Taxes.

In the meantime, now would be a good time to reach to Advanced Solar Industries to find out about the feasibility of power for you at your home or business.  We will provide at no obligation to you some initial pricing estimates and also information about the numerous benefits of owning and operating a solar array.

So the race is on – and we at ASI are ready to help you get full advantage of the Tax Credit before it changes at the end of 2016.