We are organizing a meeting with Senator Smucker along with 7 other local solar installation companies and a sprinkling of customers and aggregators (brokers of the SREC’s).  As a

Destination: Senator Smucker's Office

unit, we will meet in Harrisburg on March 17th to educate him on the SREC situation.

A basic explanation: With electric utilities only needing to account for a small amount of energy coming from solar, they have easily met that requirement with all the solar that was installed during the past two years.  We are a victim of our own success. The current requirements in PA say that we need to have 19 MW of installations for 2011, but there is currently 52 MW in place with an additional 120 MW under contract (ref: PASEIA). That would mean that if the solar stopped flowing, then we’d be satisfying requirements up to 2014.  Now.  Fear not.  The requirements do exponentially increase, so it’s not all doomsday predictions, but something must be done to stabilize the current SREC market which saw a decrease from about $300 to $175 per SREC in the last 4 months.  Investing in solar isn’t solely about saving money, but many of our customers were banking on better SREC pricing than what we are currently seeing.  Yes, it is a risk if you’re trying to play the market for the best price; however, ASI and other companies have a hard time sitting still in the meantime.

On Friday, March 18th, I will give an update of how the meeting went.  Just know that we’re doing our part by sticking up for our customers.  You can also do your part by contacting your senators and representatives.  Another resource is PASEIA (PA Solar Energy Industries Association) http://www.mseia.net/PA.html

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