TreesGranted the Renewable- Solar/Wind/Hydro/BioMass revolution is taking place in a herky-jerky fashion at times. Granted that some of the attempts early on in some fields have not yielded the success that was predicted. Granted that government agencies at the local, state and federal level are not always on the same page. Granted that we have a huge energy infrastructure in our country that will have to be funded for on-going maintenace. Granted that traditional energy supply may always be needed at some level, and that it is painful to change to new ways. Granted that renewable may not be the way our parents did it. Granted that no one is saying that renewable energy is 100% free of some environmental impact.

But this movement is happening. Technology is catching up, and soon renewables may be a very real option to business and homeowners as never before. It will allow people to be independent in terms of much of the their energy supply, have self-sustainable sources of energy, take some of the “peak-load” burden off of our utility companies, shift the grid to more of a community solar concept, create many jobs, and it will create an energy supply that is smokeless, noiseless and almost maintenance free – and GUARANTEED for at least 25 years!

This revolution is happening, and while there are some issues that need to be resolved – don’t miss the forest for the trees. This is happening! Contact us to day to join in this revolution of cost savings, smart & clean energy, and a brighter future!