Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the current state of Bill HB1580, so that we can try to improve the current SREC marketplace in Pennsylvania.

Press Conference Releasing Bill 1580

Senator Ross announces Bill #1580 during a press release in May

Over 70 Co-Sponsors!

This bill is garnering support from the House which is fantastic news. There is not a set date and time to vote on the bill, so that means that there is still time to help the chances of it passing. I’ve attached a list of all the legislators in the House of Representatives who have already co-sponsored the bill as of a few weeks ago. Look for your local representative on the list, and call them no matter what.

If they’re on the list, then please let them know that you’re thankful for their support. We will need their help at a later date, so it’s good to reinforce that you want them to support solar.

If they’re not on the list, then please call them and educate them!

I’ve included a detailed graph showing the increase in demand that HB 1580 is proposing along with the current amount of solar installed, and how much solar is projected to be installed. There is also a 1580 Form Letter that you can use to guide your conversation with them- don’t feel like the letter has to stay exactly the same. A personal touch and edit on your part can enhance your story to make it stand out.

The key to all of this is numbers and how much we’re calling our legislators. One Representative from Lancaster County told me that from his constituents, he gets 100 calls a month about high electric bills, and only about 3 a month about low SREC values. If the squeaky wheel gets the grease, they we aren’t being effective enough.

Please contact me personally should you have questions regarding this information.

1580 Form Letter