We are fortunate to sit across the table from many people that are taking a close look at installing a solar array. It is a good decision to do so! Costs for projects are down, and Solar Modules are down in price. Saving in electricity, tax credits and other incentives are all help to make it a great investment.

To purchase a solar array often requires financing and here are a few suggestions that we would like to make that can often make that part much easier.
#1 Join and make use of a local Credit Union. It is usually $5 to open an account and become a member and credit unions are very solar friendly.
#2 Home Equity loans – an excellent way to free up capitol for a system with good rates. THis could be a Equity line of credit with your bank, or a refinance.
#3 Your Own Bank – often the best place to start is where you already do your banking.
#4 Admirals Bank – they are online and offer very solar friendly financing.

As a company, when you come to the point of weighing your options to finance, we are happy to help with this very important part of making solar a reality for your home and business. Feel free to contact us for more information. Ask for Bob Kramer, and check out our Facbook page as well.