Flipping the Switch
If you’re reading this, then you’re interested. I know you are. The fate of our future doesnot lie in stagnant innovation, stale energy practices, nor public mediocrity. You dutifully raise your fist in support next to us all. Having realized the raw, sustaining power of solar energy, we are at an exciting time where people are listening, nodding heads and continuing to shift their attention to the solar industry.
Last year promised to be a sweeping wave of solar across Pennsylvania with the help of the PA Sunshine Program. Wasn’t it hard to not get caught up in it? Additionally, the Federal Tax Credit and local rebates contributed their hand in making solar affordable for so many home and business owners. Neighbors and passerby’s asked questions wondering how it worked, how much it cost and then questioned how they too could choose energy independence. You yourself may have considered the viability of solar, but need to know more. We’re glad you’re here.
We hope that by visiting us regularly, we can be your advocate, your voice to understanding the industry and how solar is truly changing communities across Pennsylvania, the United States and the World.
I must admit, I’m a recent transplant to the state from New Hampshire, but my wife and I are proud to call Lancaster County home. While still fresh off the boat, one thing is abundantly clear: there is an ethic in this part of the country that hard work pays off. It is understood that calculated perseverance does result in success and a desired outcome. Don’t you see this too? Can’t you see this ethic carrying the solar industry through the future? I know that the market will change, but I also have faith that we will change with it and continue to empower people like you.
We believe that 2010 did not merely represent our peak production hour; it simply stood as the time when we actually turned the system on. Onward to 2011!