Last night I went to Chambersburg to attend the first Franklin Renewable Energy Association (FRE) meeting. Wayne Mackey explained that the name of the group didn’t have to do with them being based out of Franklin County, but rather that the group was named after Ben Franklin, the father of electricity, and how he inspired innovation for so many people. It was a

Ben Franklin- The inspiration for FRE

fantastic start to a local grassroots effort at bringing educational opportunities to people who want to know more about solar, wind and anything else under the renewables umbrella. We heard some opening remarks from a professor at Wilson College in the Environmental Studies Department as well as Chris Mayer also from Wilson College who helped make this meeting possible.

I was very encouraged to see so many interested people there that genuinely cared about the future of our planet. I saw a couple of other solar installers there and am excited for their input as we try and help bolster the solar industry!

The next meeting is scheduled for September 12th, 7:00 at Wilson College and I’ll be presenting a solar 101 class to help people understand how it works and how to navigate the SREC aspect of solar. Look forward to seeing you there!