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Western Chester County Home Show

Excited to be a part of this show on February 27 from 4:30-7:00 to meet people who have interest in solar. Stop by and see us! We will have several door prizes. Home Show February 27 2017

New Developments In Solar – Home Energy Management to save $

We are pleased to be a part of a new chapter in home energy savings – offering solutions that pair classic solar array solutions with Lithium-Ion batteries. The benefits? There are many. #1 You can use your batteries during the … Read more

Saving Money

Let’s face it – saving money is appealing – especially when it comes with additional side benefits. Yet, there are some things that offer money savings – but are just the opposite. Why? Because you may pay less now – … Read more

ASI now using drone for before and after project pictures!

Another excited solar power user!! Just completed this installation in Lincoln University, PA. This is our FIRST install using our drone for before and after pictures. It was also our first residential installation with LG Solar 310 Watt solar panels. … Read more

Don’t Miss Out!!

Granted the Renewable- Solar/Wind/Hydro/BioMass revolution is taking place in a herky-jerky fashion at times. Granted that some of the attempts early on in some fields have not yielded the success that was predicted. Granted that government agencies at the local, … Read more

How Much Money will I Save when I Install a Solar Array?

How much will a Solar PV Array save me for my home or business? The news is all good! Due to the lowering cost of solar tech and equipment – people and companies who buy are saving more money all … Read more

Are You Considering Purchasing a PV Solar Array?

We recently completed an installation for Farmer Jon Weinrich. Jon already has a few racks of panels on the ground at his property – and decided to increase his production. Last week I had the chance to sit down with … Read more

What Will A Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Array Cost?

One of the great privileges of we have is to help our clients go over the cost and also the savings from owning a Solar PV array at their home or business. For now let’s consider an average home system. … Read more

2016: A Great Year for Solar

We welcome the new year and are excited to continue serving Southern Pennsylvania, and Maryland as a premier Solar Power System Designer and Installer.  As a help to those who may be considering a PV Solar Array in 2016 we … Read more

Considering a Solar Array in 2016? Time is Running Out!

As 2015 comes to a close and 2016 is on the doorstep, there is a big stir going on in the solar power energy community.   Why all the fuss? There is a very real possibility that the existing 30% Federal … Read more

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