Snow removal for solar panels

I’m still not believing that we got 6 inches of snow here in New Holland about a month ago, especially with the temperature being 60 degrees out as I write this. But we all know what’s coming and inevitably we start getting lots of calls about snow removal off of solar systems. What I always tell people is that there really isn’t an industry standard for getting snow off solar panels. For many of the systems out there, the pitch of the roof or the pitch of the ground mount is such that the snow slides off. But for others who have a flatter roof, there is one suggestion that I would make.

Check out the Sno-Pro (aka Sno-Brum). It’s a small foam block that you attach onto the end of telescopic pole. If your solar panels are on the second story roof, then this might be a little tough, but if your panels are on the first story roof, then this method will allow you to pull the snow down with relative ease. What makes this work well is that it doesn’t scratch your solar panels. Just get out of the way when that snow comes flying!

I’ve seen other expensive methods with complicated steam/hot water apparatuses that move up and down the array and melt the snow. Some people have also installed heat tape on their arrays, but we’ve opted to not recommend that given how it might negatively interact with the electrical system.

All that to say, take a look at the Sno-Pro if you’re looking to plan ahead for all that white stuff.