On Monday June 13th, Josh Mitten and myself travelled south to the Go Green Energy Conference in Frederick, Maryland. The event was sponsored by Representative Roscoe Bartlett- a green advocate in the House of Representatives in Maryland. A variety of vendors were there including everything from solar installers, to home and heating experts, to even knitters! Josh had a chance to speak on a panel discussing how businesses can green their bottom line and show just how quickly a solar system can pay for itself. Solar is unique in that it continues to provide cash flow savings and an income stream with the sale of SRECs (Solar Renewable Energy Credits) long after you recoup the initial investment. Maryland has a healthy SREC market with the passing of legislation mandating that 2% of the grid is fed by solar power. This creates plenty of room to grow in the state and many homes and businesses are jumping on board.

Josh Mitten speaks to an audience of business owners about how to green your bottom line

During the event, Michael Craner, founder of Renew America Road Trip and also an ASI customer, was in attendance with his Tesla Roadster. We did a raffle drawing to get a ride in the Tesla if people signed up for our newsletter. Congrats to Gary for winning the ride- something that he admits he’s always wanted to do. It was great to meet new people and share the good news about solar energy! We look forward to next year’s conference and want to thank Representative Bartlett for putting on such a great event!

Apparently Gary planned to send out an email to all his car enthusiast friends about the Tesla Ride