A group of like minded business people gather frequently to tour different renewable installations in the Lancaster County area. The Lancaster County Center for Excellence in Renewable Energy puts on the Green Group Tours and last week they came to Foxchase Golf Course to tour the 303 kW system installed by ASI. It’s always nice to network with people who “get it” and whether or not they are interested in solar themselves, it’s still important to them that they become educated on the topic. This goes back to the greater good model that I always talk about. There were about 20 people in attendance and a big thank you to Steve, Doug and Sean from Foxchase for running the tour. I supplemented about ASI here and there, but they certainly have become experts on solar. Here are a few pics of the tour…

Talking in front of the inverter shed. The array is in a fenced in area on the outskirts of the Foxchase Golf Course

Steve Graybill speaks about the "guts" of the system while standing in front of the inverters

A great time to learn first hand about the logistics and realities of a large scale solar project. Steve, Sean, and Doug both spoke very highly of ASI