Saving-Money-288x300How much will a Solar PV Array save me for my home or business?

The news is all good! Due to the lowering cost of solar tech and equipment – people and companies who buy are saving more money all the time. How does this impact you? Two ways.
#1 The period of time for the system to pay for itself gets shorter.
#2 The money that comes back to you in savings increases since your initial investment is smaller.

For example, on a home system costing $29,000, you will pay off the system plus save as much as $20,000 over the life of the system. THIS IS LIKE GIVING YOURSELF $20,000. In a business installation due to many incentives, you will experience positive cash flow in 2-3 years. Your gains will vary depending on your tax burden, electric rates and financing, but the financial gain to your organization is significant!

This is our process:
#1 Phone consultation – we will discuss the initial “fit” of solar using satellite imagery
#2 On-Site Visit: primarily to discuss your goals and answer your questions
#3 System modeling and Cost Savings Model: this will be provided to you
If all of these steps are favorable, then we can get into a more specific proposal, connect you with finance and lease partners, and serve you in any way you wish. No obligation.

We see our role as being as much of a resource as a designer/installer and we want to pass along some excellent websites for more general information. They are:,, and We are proud to be certified dealers and installers using these vendors! Feel free to reach out to us for more information.

Please reach out to us by sending an email to, or use the connect info at this site. Thanks!