I stopped by the home of a customer of ours yesterday and he has started a business that I thought was pretty cool. Basically you lay the tin foil like material over the top of your attic insulation and staple it on the ends to hold it in place. The radiant barrier is reflective and has some insulation value.  Hey- they use it in the space shuttle, so it has to be good quality.

Here’s a scenario: in the summer time when your attic heats up to 130 degrees, the insulation retains that heat. Even in the evening when the outside temperature has dropped, the insulation gives off that heat and your AC continues to run!   Has this happened to any of you?  This material would prevent your insulation from heating up and radiating that heat in the summer time and allow your AC to run less often. On the flip side, in the winter time, the radiant barrier keeps the heat in your house reflecting back down and not escaping into the attic space.

Seems like a great idea for people who see their heat escaping in the winter and radiating in the summer! His name is Jeff Nygaard and his email is azonejeff@yahoo.com

We applaud his efforts because it’s not just about solar making a difference; we must make other drastic changes to how we live and operate if we’re to see larger scale changes.