We are pleased to be a part of a new chapter in home energy savings – offering solutions that pair classic solar array solutions with Lithium-Ion batteries.
The benefits? There are many.

#1 You can use your batteries during the day during a higher energy demand or brownout.
#2 You will have the option of selling power back to your utility company at the going rate.
#3 You will own leading edge technology that lets you analyze your usage to see when and where you can cut back and save.

BUT the biggest reason is that you are ready for any type of power outage since the batteries will run most of your circuits. You will save money in down time if you have a home office, or money that you will have to spend if your sump or well pumps are not working.

The following picture shows how the system can fit together.

As you can see the battery packs fit right into the system. Let us bring this picture to life for you. Contact us for more information! We would be happy to provide more information and assist you with a system whether you have interest in battery backup or not!

Almost forgot – we would also like to talk with you about Elec Vehicle (EV) charging systems.

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