When you partner with ASI for a Solar Array – you are joining a huge network of solar and green energy around the world! For example…we have partnered with Messiah College to assist in a solar array design project for the Ekuphileni Bible Institute in Zimbabwe. This is being done as a student project at Messiah College’s Collaboratory. The picture above shows two of team of seven students presenting their project last Friday at an all-day Symposium. ASI has been able to provide technical and design review support, and will be available online during the install for installation support later this month. We are truly honored to be part.

This solar install, very carefully designed and planned, will include solar panels and enough battery support to assist the school greatly – especially when there are outages. The project has gone through all the design phases including; the evaluation of the application, the site, the usage, the cost, the benefits, and the savings. In this case the primary benefit is that this great Institute will have a better power system! Thanks to the many sponsors who provided funding and technical support to help make green energy a reality in that part of the world. We invite you to join with us for your solar and, in a way, support projects like these.

This project was presented at a day long Symposium which featured 35 different projects from the Engineering, Science and Health departments. The project for Ekuphileni Bible Institute has been pioneered by a group of gifted and passionate students at Messiah College under the direction of Mr. Dereck Plante and with the assistance of several professors including Dr. Donald Pratt.