Senator Ross announces Bill #1580 during a press release in May

Senator Chris Ross (R) has drafted new legislation that would offer a short term solution to the dip in the Pennsylvania SREC market. With an oversupply of solar in the state, new legislation needed to be drafted that would mirror what other states in the region have also done.
Ross’ bill (#1580) would essentially do two things:

1. Close PA’s borders to the sale of SRECs. Half of PA’s SRECs that are flooding the state are from outside states and this would preserve the market at least in the short term for PA residents.

2. With a greater supply slated for years 2014 and 2015 in comparison to our current supply in 2011, the bill would fast forward the sale of SRECs into those higher supply years. The end goal is still for 0.5% of power feeding the grid coming from solar by 2021, but this simply changes the speed at which we get to that 0.5% requirement.

Long term, there needs to be legislation that increases the RPS (Renewable Portfolio Standard) from 0.5% to…well…the sky is the limit. We will again become over-saturated, but no matter what happens with bill #1580 we are asking that our customers mandate their legislators to vote solar and keep the PA solar market moving forward.

Last we heard there were 50 co-sponsors to the bill which is generally a good sign, but it isn’t enough for a guarantee on it passing. Call your legislators and tell them to vote yes on Bill 1580 to help the PA SREC market and tell them you want more support for the solar industry!