Today we had a group of 20 teachers, guidance counselors and continuing education coordinators visit our shop. Their mission: learn from key industry leaders in Lancaster County about how their students can be best prepared for the work force. In line with ASI’s mission to impact our local community, we were pleased to be tapped by the Work Force Investment Board in Lancaster County to be a part of their area tour. I was able to share a little background on the company, talk about how I got my start in this industry, and explain how solar works. Many of them were looking to have real practical take aways from the experience, so one thing that I suggested that they do for their students who want to get involved in the solar industry is to check out the Entry Level NABCEP certification. While not necessary to get a job in the solar industry, it’s certainly something to consider if you are looking to set yourself apart from the pack.

After lunch and a tour of our building, we took a drive in the big ol’ school bus to Foxchase. Big thanks for Steve Graybill for his always courteous and informative presentation of the system. Most of us in this world are kinesthetic learners, that is we learn best through experience and touch. Seeing a solar installation, touching the solar panels and looking at where the power flows puts all of this into an understandable light. Teachers are a special group of people and it’s great to see them excited about setting their students up for success.

It was great to host them and we hope to help out in the future. On a side note, I gave one of the women a few of the solar toy cars that we have kicking around- the kids will love them!