Obama at Georgetown giving a speech on energy. Photo Credit: Doug Mills, New York Times

President Obama gave a speech at Georgetown University yesterday about his energy plans. He spoke about a variety of topics including oil drilling, natural gas exploration, electric vehicles, biofuels and solar. I could be a die hard solar extremist and suggest that anything but renewable energy is of the devil and has been plaguing us for too long, but I’m not. The balance that I possess is similar to what Obama is suggesting. For nuclear to go away and for us to not explore domestic oil reserves would be impractical, but at the same time we need to amp up our research into how renewable energy can be viable for our future. Yes we need to feed our diesel hungry work trucks, but we also strike a balance by charging our cordless tools and trailer lighting with solar panels mounted on the trailer rooftops. We do what we can because we can. In his State of the Union speech, I heard him say something about 80% of our power coming from renewables in by 2030 and he clarified that in his speech to actually be 2035. An impressive number and one that will take perseverance and cooperation from the government, but do we have a choice?

I appreciated this quote from his speech. Here is the Full Text of the Speech at Georgetown

Obama’s Clean Energy Standard would include nuclear: “Clean Energy Standard for America: by 2035, 80 percent of our electricity will come from an array of clean energy sources, from renewables like wind and solar to efficient natural gas to clean coal and nuclear power.”