ASI Installers and Office Staff

Yesterday I worked in the field with Levi who happens to be the foreman that I worked under when I was installing systems. While driving out to a customer’s house two hours away for a service call, I’m reminded of the quality of installers that we have working at ASI. We consistently get feedback from customers that our installers were polite, took care of the flowers and didn’t have the stereotypical bad mouths that pervades the construction world. In fact, they are our best sales people when it comes to promoting ASI.

It goes without question that our world best operates through relationships. As an company, we cannot be successful without proper feeding of the time and energy we put into not only our customers, but our employees as well. Aside from creating my role as Creative Relations Director to address any gaps that might be created in communicating with our customers and working to treat them as alumni, we are also scheduling a customer golf outing in May where customers and a guest can play a free round of golf and eat some good southern BBQ. I am excited about the golf outing, but it’s really the little things that matter. Following up on phone calls, taking time to listen and knowing that they are people with needs goes along way.

I think that the reason our installers do so well in the field is because they just are decent folks. No scripts, no rehearsals on how to interact with customers, just genuine integrity. We can always improve our customer relations, but I know we have the right staff in place to move us forward.