The American Solar Energy Society recently published a brief outlook for the future of PA Solar.  While we know that we will inevitably face some opposition and difficulty, this article helps us have perspective.

“Pennsylvania is a coal state, and it has Marcellus shale natural gasreserves.  Nuclear plants provide about 21 percent of the state’s electric power.  During his campaign, incoming Gov. Tom Corbett espoused an energy policy calling for more of everything, especially liquid fuels derived from coal, gas and biomass.  One goal: “Refocusing the Department of Evironmental Protection by getting back to basics.”  Corbett’s appointment of Patrick Henderson as “energy executive,” an all-new cabinet post [that has never existed until now], suggests this will not translate into neglect for Pennsylvania’s growing renewable energy community.  “Patrick has a strong background and knows the solar issues,” says Maureen Mulligan, owner of Harrisburg-based Sustainable Futures Communications.  “As chief of staff for the Senate Energy, Resources and Environment Committee, he has always had an open door to the solar industry.”

I may have had doubts that Corbett would push solar, but now I’m encouraged to see the creation of Patrick Henderson’s role as “Energy Executive.”  There certainly are stuggles in the current solar market with SREC pricing, but we must maintain perspective that we do have some advocates in the right places.