Just a quick word to our PPL customers…

PPL has done a nice job of creating an online archive of your power usage for your home or business.  For solar customers, this is a great tool for looking back at old billing cycles when you didn’t have solar and to compare them against the cycles where you did have solar. There are graphs that allow you to view KW usage yearly, monthly and even daily. I was impressed by the detail it affords our customers–great data to have when looking at how much solar has changed their lives!  Make sure you look at KW usage and not $$ because rates have increased since last year and the data comparison won’t be accurate.  The site will not show usage for the last 3 days….a bit of a lag time to update.

I think that it’s fairly user friendly, but there are some tricks to getting the specific data you’re looking for.  PPL has been decent with helping to navigate this.

You have to set up a separate account on their website before anything. I took some screen shots of where to click:

Hover over “Customers” and click on either “Residential” or “Commercial and Industrial Customers”

*Commercial Customers click on Energy Center

Residential Customers: Click on “Analyze My Home”

Commercial Customers: Click on “Energy Center”

click Register Today

On the bottom right hand of the page, click: “Register Today”