One trend in solar projects has been consistent for about the past 5 years. Prices have continued to drop. That is good for those considering systems. Even many of our prospective customers have taken a “wait and see” attitude. BUT for the first time it looks pretty certain that there will be a reverse trend in the industry. Here’s why.

Some of the solar module manufacturers in the US have cried foul recently. They are having difficulty competing against the lower module prices from overseas. They have taken their case to the International Trade Commission. Long story short it appears that some level of tariff system will be invoked by the US Administration. The tariffing will be done to try and level the playing field a bit.

What that means to you and I is that solar modules are going to go up in price. International modules will go up with the added tariffs. That translates into a higher demand for North American modules, so they will also go up in price. What means is that solar projects are going to go up in price – for the first time in many years.

So here is some advice if you are considering solar for your home or business – do it now! In addition to this change, the 30% Federal Tax Credit is also on the table as possibly being lowered as a part of tax reform in 2018. All the more reason to have your system installed now – by the end of 2017. Prices have never been better, and may not be this good again for some time.

Reach out to us if you have any further questions about these developments. We are here to do all that we can to make solar happen for you.