We have decided to initiate a remodel of our office space. We had a couple of reasons for making this change:
1. We wanted the sales guys to be down here with the rest of us.
2. We needed a space that fostered communication and community. This is accomplished by a shared work space, comfortable seating areas for meeting and working and an open concept floor plan.
3. By creating new workspace, we can move some others around who need to have their own office and currently share it with the rest of us. Marianne, our saving grace, will finally get her own space to work on accounting and payroll! She deserves it.
4. Jim needs his own space- a necessity for all the phone calls and tasks he has to accomplish.

I’m reminded often how much our environment affects our attitudes, production,creativity and well-being. In fact, even on a physical level we are affected.

Part of the design includes green building materials from our friends at Fresco (a fantastic building supply center in Lancaster www.frescogreen.com).

We are a few days into the construction process and I’ll include other photos of the materials we’re using as photo opportunities present themselves.