spend_saveLet’s face it – saving money is appealing – especially when it comes with additional side benefits. Yet, there are some things that offer money savings – but are just the opposite. Why? Because you may pay less now – but you will pay more later. Maybe the quality is not as good, or the deal is not good for the long term – so you really wind up spending a little bit of money more often instead if a bigger chunk up front.

So here’s the deal – Solar power saves you money. Real deal and legit. When you invest in a solar array for home, farm or business – you will spend less money on electric long term AND you will receive money credits for making the moe to solar. It is not too good to be true – and we see this happen every day.

Here’s the catch – you have to see this as an investment. It will not pay back right away. But as you pay in up front, you will get to a point at which you are paying minimally for your electric, your property value is increasing, utility rate increases will not impact you, and you are creating green energy. All very, very good features!

We would be excited if you would give us the opportunity to assist you in saving money as we have assisted so many as the longest operating solar installer in Lancaster County. Reach out to us and we will be happy to discuss solar further.

ASI – Because Solar Matters!