We have a new business endeavor at ASI that is very exciting: solar make up. While we’ve been dabbling in the solar panel business for 15 years, it’s unusual that we’ve missed this opportunity for so long. Instead of cumbersome panels and inverters, people can now smear solar cells on their eyelids, cheeks, and lips. At first we thought that this technology seemed vain, but the reality is that it’s win/win. You’re helping your

Early testing of the flexible solar cells that have now become standard in our line of Solar Make Up

image and the earth, so any hinting at being self absorbed is evened out. Solar cells can come in all available shades that you might find in a standard Mary Kay magazine. SPF is intentionally left out for obvious reasons. Using small micro wires on your face, energy travels through them to to be stored in batteries that you stuff in your pocket. Simply take the batteries out at the end of the day and connect them to your ASI Solar Make Up Charger, available on our website for $99.99.

The day has come where taking a stroll can actually make you money and just think, finally you can turn that sunburn into energy . We hope to hear from you soon and while we’re at it, we wish you a happy April Fools Day.