It’s always wonderful to hear from our customers about their experiences with solar and how it’s really impacted their lives.  One customer not too far from our shop in New Holland, PA recently sent us this email giving an update on how much he has reduced his electric consumption and how well his solar array is working for him.  I’ve attached a picture of their 10.3 kW MAGE ground mount for reference.


This spring has been a great one for solar energy. We have made some changes that have reduced our electric usage. The biggest one was to buy and install a GE hybrid hotwater heater. This move reduced our electric by about $300 per year according to the ratings use chart. The other move was to replace the regular light bulbs with the low wattage cfl bulbs. Since we have done those two things our usage has dropped from about 25,000 kw per year prior to the solar system to about 6,000 kw per year after the solar system being installed. We haven’t pay for any electric usage since March of this year (3 months).