House Bill 1580 will help the PA SREC market. For those of you just signing into the solar industry, basically our market was flooded with solar and the utility companies didn’t need to purchase as many SRECs from our customers. This caused the price for an SREC to drop from about $350 to $50 in a matter of 4-6 months. Without proper supportive legislation, solar will have a harder time finding roots in PA.

Bill 1580 should create a short-term fix. I emphasize SHORT-TERM. It will help, but not solve our low SREC pricing issues. PASEIA is following the progress of the bill at their BLOG.

Please call your legislator, or better yet, go visit them and explain why it’s so critical that they support House Bill #1580 and any future solar legislation.

Let's change the solar industry. Vote yes for #1580.