Solar for Farms: Maryland

What is Solar for Farms?

Solar for Farms are educational events designed for Eastern Shore Farmers. Headquartered in New Holland, Pennsylvania, Advanced Solar Industries specializes in turnkey solar electric systems for the AG Industry. Solar for Farms is a 10-minute ‘everything you need to know about solar,’ that will help farmers evaluate the benefits of solar electric systems for their properties.



Look at pictures of some Agricultural jobs that we have completed.

Equipment Displays

See the panels, inverters and and the rest of the nuts and bolts that make up a solar energy system. Feel free to kick the tires all you like!

Video Tour of a Solar Energy System

See an actual installation up close with our video tour. We follow the path of the electricity, from the panels and the racking system holding them, to the conductors carrying the electricity to the inverters, to the interconnection with the grid.

Financial Analysis and Estimates

Going solar is all about saving money on energy costs. Find out how solar pays you, what your payback and ROI will be, and how solar is financed. We can prepare an estimate specific to your property with just two simple pieces of information:

1. How much do you spend on electricity?

2. How much space do you have for solar panels

Tutorials on a Variety of Topics: 

1. How Solar Reduces Farm Energy Costs

2. Tax Benefits of Solar

3. Solar Renewable Energy Credits

4. Financing Farm Solar

5. Does my farm qualify for a Solar Electric System?

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