Commercial Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Projects have become a larger market segment in the last few years, and offer significant value to schools, businesses, municipal agencies, and farms. Our commercial clients install roof top and ground mount systems in order to invest in the future of their business both financially and environmentally.

Why Go Solar Now?

Pricing for PV solar panels has dropped close to 70% in the last 5 years  – Protect against rising energy costs by installing a commercial PV solar energy system that is projected to last over 25 years. When you go solar, you pay yourself, not the utility company.

30% Federal Tax Credit  – This allows your company to significantly reduce your total solar system cost. This tax credit can be claimed in 1 year, or in as many as 20 years.

Depreciation  – Just like any piece of equipment for your business, solar systems can be depreciated. Solar qualifies for an accelerated MACRS depreciation schedule, allowing you to depreciate the asset quickly at maximum value.


Financing Options

Cash Purchase : Clients that seek to own their system from the beginning can capture the maximum tax, depreciation, solar credit, and solar energy savings.
Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) : Customers that are looking for a $0 down project, or who do not have tax liability and therefore cannot use the 30% Federal Tax Credit, can install a system that is owned and operated by a 3rd party company. This company then charges the customer an electric rate lower than what they pay to the utility company. This option works best for large commercial clients with annual electric bills.
Operating Lease : Customers can agree to an operating lease that gives them a low monthly payment. At year 7 or 8, your company can execute a buy out option and assume ownership of the system at a discounted rate.


Why Choose Advanced Solar Industries?

Experience: 20 Years of installing Solar Photovoltaic PV Arrays  
ASI has been active in the development and maturation of the solar industry during the last two
decades. We have been a part of each step along the way including technology advancements,
installation best practices, safety standards, financial incentive programs, and legislative
initiatives. ASI continues to grow and mature with the solar industry.

Project Cost: Value and Quality On A Budget 
ASI combines high quality components, innovative solutions, time saving installation techniques, and real time project management to provide high value and measured project costs to meet your budget.

Expertise and Training: Continuous Improvement 
Our installation technicians constantly undergo safety and technical training to stay abreast of
new developments in a rapidly changing field. Our staff members pursue pertinent and noteworthy certifications including NABCEP and BPI. All of our employees are encouraged to
look for opportunities for personal growth, which inevitably affects their quality of work and level of input they bring to the company.

Relationship Building: A Culture of Commitment 
By implementing high standards of communication and follow-up, all employees work to ensure that our customers are well taken care of during all stages of the project, including after the installation is complete. We ensure that our customers are kept abreast on topics including
ongoing maintenance tips, legislative initiatives and technology advancements. Our customers
should expect dedicated support from day one through the lifetime of their system.

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