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One of the great privileges of we have is to help our clients go over the cost and also the savings from owning a Solar PV array at their home or business. For now let’s consider an average home system.

Typical System Size: 10,400 kW
Projected Elec Production: 12,200 kWh per year
Net Cost after Federal Tax Credit: $22,000 (approximate)

So after taxes, the system will be in the range of $22,000. It could be more depending on installation and system variables. With longer term financing the monthly amount at times will be very near the currently electric bill. So you are trading expenses, but instead of paying for electric (like rent), you will one day own (no more bills).

Here are other positive financial aspects:
Savings on Electric: $1500/year & you are insulated from electrical rate increases
Solar Energy Credits to you: $300/year (likely to increase) for as long as you own
Property Value: Typically increases by about 2-3 %
Resale Feature: Great to tell future owners – low electric bills
Roof: Longevity of roof is increased due to protection offered by Solar Panels

This is information that we love to talk about and would be glad to go over with you. Feel free to reach out and discuss the benefits of solar power.

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