Ownership Options

As thousands of home, farm, and business owners install solar across the country, there are more ways than ever before to make the switch.

CASH     Solar is a safe and reliable investment which also serves to lock-in low electricity rates for 25 or more years.

FINANCED   Want to own the system but don’t have the cash? A financed system is capable of generating more than enough electricity to cover your financing costs, and gives you all the other benefits of switching to solar.

LEASED    Still think solar is out of your reach? Think again! Now with Advanced Solar Industries’ Bright Switch you can switch for good and save while you do it.

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Monthly Solar Payment – Switch for free and replace your electric bill with a solar payment. Or, choose a down payment option that fits your budget to reduce your monthly solar payment.

Upfront Purchase – Pay all at once and kiss your energy costs goodbye.

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