Financial Benefits

While solar technology has been around longer, the first solar panels weren’t created until 1954. For many years, this technology was out of reach of most home, farm, and businessowners. Today, however, solar is not only well-established, but an affordable and practical investment. Becoming your own power producer is not only good for national security, your community, and the environment, it’s good for your wallet as well!


Solar technology has never been this good, at a price this affordable. In many places, solar is now cheaper than conventional electricity. Take control of your future by locking in a low rate of electricity for a guaranteed 25 years.

Switching to solar allows home, business, and farm owners to take advantage of Federal, State, and Local incentives which reclaim existing tax liability to defray the upfront cost

Solar reduces peak demand on the utility grid, which means lower maintenance requirements.

  Why Solar Main

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