Mark Haldeman, the owner of a family business specializing in plumbing, cooling, heating, and water conditioning, wanted to reduce his operating costs.  Looking at electric costs can’t be a month-to-month analysis, so he took a hard look at what he would be paying in electricity over the next twenty to thirty years, and it didn’t look good.  Fortunately, the price of solar had come to an affordable level, so he enlisted the services of ASI.  Regular project updates, quick answers to questions, and a crew of guys who clearly took pride in their work made Mark feel comfortable and at ease throughout the entire process, but the proof would have to be in the pudding to see if the solar would do its part.  Close to a year later, nearly all of his energy demands are met by the solar on his roof and he expects to meet or even exceed the projected kWh production when he reaches his one-year anniversary.  From a long-term financial perspective, Mark loves the idea that he has fixed the cost of his electricity and has set his business up for success.

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