Larry, a local dairy farmer, knew that going solar was a no-brainer.  Not only did it benefit him financially, but it also was good for the environment.  Two barns on his property are perfectly situated due south and were ripe for solar production.  He had heard about ASI from an existing ASI customer who sung praises of quality workmanship and integrity, but after receiving quotes from other companies, it was the price and additional offerings that set ASI apart from the competition.  Levi, the foreman on site, continued to raise the bar with the quality of work that he and his crew brought to the jobsite every day.  Additionally, the constant communication from various people in the company brought yet another layer of satisfaction.  Now, his 83 kW system is already overproducing what he expected, and it has all but met his energy demands.  Once in a while it’s nice to actually send the electric company a bill!

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